What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Elf”? Naughty! Mischievous! Tricky! Playful! Prank! Christmas! Santa! ….Yes, it is. But, what actually elf is? Do you know, elf’s history dates back to ancient ages? Let’s discuss here what elf is, types of elves, history of elf, how it look like and more.

What is Elf?

Elf is a supernatural character. It is believed that Elf has magical powers like angles.  They are also associated with nature and fertility. Elves are popular fiction characters in ancient novels and folklore.

A popular Elf which is lovable by all is Christmas Elf. Christmas Elf is the helper of Santa Claus. He works in Santa Claus toy factory located in North Pole. Christmas Elf is a fictional character of the United State’s modern folklore.

History of Elf:

The history of Elf began in Germanic Mythology and often referred in folklore. Elves were mainly described in Norse mythology literature that talks mainly on magical powers which helps or hinders humans.  The Elf of German was seen as “Addler”.  The Norse mythological female elves are characterized as astonishing beautiful girls who live in a forest with an eleven king.

Later in English literature especially in Elizabethan period Elves were described as tiny magical species that are associated with magical powers, nature and fertility.  English, Scottish and Scandinavian fairy tales also described female elves entice men with their beauty and dance. They even cause death to men.

Then, in the modern children’s folklore of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, elves were described as Santa’s helper. The Christmas elf works in the Santa’s toy workshop and takes care of his reindeers. Christmas elf appears in green clad and he has pointed ears. He wears pointed boots. He lives in North Pole.

In the fantasy fiction era, elves were described as a high fantasy character by J.R.R. Tolkien. He created elves that speak elvish language like Quenya and Sindarin.

After Tolkein’s elves, elves in games and fantasy fictions were characterized as intellectual, beautiful as humans. Elves were described as animal lovers, gifted with magical skills and sharper sense.

How does Elf look like?

Elf, being a fictitious character is described in many ways. Most commonly, elf has human body shape with pointed ears and they point slightly outwards. Elves are shorter than humans. Elves do have attractive eyes; usually their eyes are almond shaped.

Picture of Shakespeare's elf in the early days

Picture of Shakespeare’s elf in the early days

Elves defined in Shakespeare’s novels are tiny creature. They have wings and they are very naughty and playful.

Picture of Christmas Elf

Picture of Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf, the Santa’s helper has a long nose and pointed ears. He wears long pointed shoes. He usually wears a green suit and a red or green pointed cap. A bell is tied with the cap. Christmas elf takes care of Santa’s reindeer and he loves animals.

Most popular Elf from the movies

Most popular Elf from the movie “Lord of the Rings” – Legolas

Modern Style Elves that appear in the latest movies are very different. They usually wear luxurious clothes. Unlike Christmas Elf, modern style elves are tall, beautiful and smart. They don’t appear like a freak.

Picture of female elf

Picture of Female Elf

Female Elves usually appear in shorts accompanying with floating top and other accessories.  Modern elves do not wear caps. They are beautiful and good looking.  They are immortal and they always appear like 25 years old. When they grow, they become more intellectual and lose their physical strength.

Picture of Male Elf

Picture of Male Elf

Male Elves are muscular and they get angry soon and they also calm down soon. Elves love animals and they are true to their friends.  Males Elves groom themselves and be sure to build their reputation.

Types of Elves:

You will be really thrilled to know that there are numerous types of elves exist. As Elves’ history dates back to different ages initiating from German mythology to latest high fantasy styled elves, they are defined accordingly.  Folklore gets in to different form like how culture and language changes. Similarly, elves get changed according the trends of the folklore. Elves are associated with nature here, we will discuss on some of them which are most common:

Wood Elf:

Wood Elf

Wood Elf

Wood Elves as the name indicates, they are associated with woods. They are dark or tan in color. Wood elves usually have brown eyes.  Wood elves wear green and brown tunics. They have long black or brown hair. They appear dusty.

Dark Elf:

Dark Elf

Dark Elf

Dark elf is the one that was referred in the Norse mythology. Walt Simpson originally created dark elves in the year June 1984. Some of the famous dark elves are Malekith the accursed, algirm the strong also known as Kurse, Wormwood. Malekith the accursed is the rule of dark elves and algirm the strong is the most powerful dark elves.

Light Elf:  

Light Elf

Aeltri – Light Elf

Bill Mantlo and June Brigman originally created light elves. The most popular light elf is Aeltri. Beside light elves, they also created several sub species of light elves like Cat elves, Ice elves etc.

Snow Elf:

Snow Elf

Snow Elf

They live in high mountain snow areas. Snow Elves are the natives of Skyrim. It was believed that snow elves lived in the sunlight and was quiet wealthy before man exists. Dwemer Slavery turned them into blind. Falmer is the original name of Snow elves but they are now commonly called as snow elves.  Snow elves are also known as “The Betrayed” as they have been betrayed by Dwemer.

Moon Elf:

Moon Elf

Moon Elf

Moon Elves are otherwise called as Sliver Elves. These elves have very lengthy sliver or grey hair with hues. Crimelord Elaith Craulnober is a popular moon elf.

Star Elf:

Star Elf

Star Elf

Star Elves are also known as Mithral elves. They live with Wood elves and build a nation. They have fairer skin and long silver, red or green color hair. Star elves have fear for Moon elves. Some common star elves are Aloof and Cautious.

Wild Elf:

Wild Elf

Wild Elf

Wild Elves love to be isolated and they are clever in keeping themselves hidden. They appear barbaric with brown skin tone.

I hope this information would have doubled your craze for Elf. Isn’t it?


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